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Retro point and click adventure

Thimbleweed Park is a retro-inspired point and click adventure. Created by the brains behind the legendary Monkey Island, the game is both a mockery and love letter to the original puzzle games of the 1990's.

Point redone

Thimbleweed Park starts with the appearance of two mysterious police agents and the murder of a resident in the sleepy town. As the story progresses, players switch between perspectives and story lines, learning more about the bizarre inhabitants of the little town. A focus on humour and fourth-wall breaking creates a light-hearted experience that pokes fun at the cliches of the point and click genre despite being a solid entry into that very group. Thimbleweed Park is a long and winding game with clues and actions hidden across a large map across different characters, offering a real challenge for fans. While there are some issues with voice acting and the overall quality of the plot, the game is a real treat for anyone who has played any of the older titles.

Complete package

Thimbleweed Park is a real treat. A great retro graphical and audio design compliment the world perfectly, creating a a unique world which builds to a surprisingly emotional conclusion. While some jokes will only work for those who have played Monkey Island, the charm is plain to see.


  • Great atmosphere
  • Unique and challenging


  • High degree of difficulty
  • Mediocre voice acting

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Thimbleweed Park™ for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 1.0
  • 5
  • (1)
  • Security Status

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